Woo! A Massive Andy Warhol Exhibition Is Coming To Tate Modern

Warhol is famed for turning the everyday can of soup into an icon. Image: Shutterstock

Silver-haired Pop Art maestro, Andy Warhol, gets a massive new exhibition at Tate Modern… but you’ll have to hold on till 2020.

Iconic pop images of Marilyn Monroe, Coca-Cola and Campbell’s soup cans will appear as part of the exhibition, running from March-September 2020, alongside Warhol’s interactive floating Silver Clouds and the psychedelic Exploding Plastic Inevitable (an early multi-media experience, featuring music from The Velvet Underground).

An Andy Warhol exhibition in 2017. Image: Shutterstock

Alongside the big crowd-pleasers, will be nestled some of Warhol’s less-familiar paintings (he did ‘normal’ paintings too) — plus various experiments of his that didn’t quite land themselves in the category of iconic.

One of Warhol’s silk-screen portraits of Mao Tse-Tung. Image: Shutterstock

Tate Modern’s Warhol exhibition run from 12 March-6 September 2020. Prices and booking details will be announced shortly.

Last Updated 08 May 2019

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