Theatre Review: Other People’s Money At Southwark Playhouse

Other People’s Money, Southwark Playhouse


Other People’s Money is the 1989 off-Broadway story of corporate avarice versus local business, reprised in Southwark Playhouse before the theatre moves to its new home. They say money talks and, unfortunately, it’s all the money talk that holds the storyline back and prevents the interesting relationships from taking centre stage in this production.

The star quality of Michael Brandon in the lead role is unmistakable, even if the character and elements of the performance are a bit long in the tooth. Lin Blakley shines in a solid and nuanced performance of PA/paramour/mother. The remainder of the cast know most of their lines and keep the thin storyline going without ever getting the opportunity to sink their teeth into the juicy bits. The costumes are so appallingly constructed that one can only assume a ruched crotch is a barrier to the method.

Perhaps not as poignant as when it was written but still carrying some heart, this production is worth seeing for the cast more than the story. If nothing else, the pew seats and lack of AC give an immersive experience of the trading pits circa 1989.

Other People’s Money, Southwark Playhouse, Newington Causeway, SE1 6BD. Tickets £22/£18, until 11 May 2019.

Last Updated 25 April 2019

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