Malcolm Mide-Madariola

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Malcolm Mide-Madariola died shortly after being taken to hospital

A teenager who claims he only stabbed a student once in the arm has told a court he was “shocked” to learn of his death.

Malcolm Mide-Madariola, 17, died after being stabbed three times, including once to the heart, near Clapham South Tube station on 2 November.

The 17-year-old accused denied stabbing him in the chest and said “only the tip” caught him.

He and Treynae Campbell, 19, both from south-east London, deny murder.

Prosecutors at the Old Bailey said Malcolm was an “innocent victim” who stood up for a friend in a fight arising from a college dispute two days previously.

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Malcolm Mide-Madariola was one of 17 teenagers stabbed to death in London in 2018

The defendant, who cannot be named, said Mr Campbell pulled out a sheathed knife after a member of the group Malcolm was in did.

The teenager said in the “heat of the moment” and feeling “under pressure” he took the knife from Mr Campbell.

He denied wanting to use it but said he was then asked by Malcolm if he was going to stab his friend.

“I hesitated and said ‘yes’,” answered the defendant, telling the court he did not want to “actually stab him”.

He claimed Malcolm then headbutted and punched him and they both grabbed each other around the neck.

“That’s when I unsheathed the knife,” he said.

He said he was “acting in self-defence” and stabbed Malcolm once in his arm.

The teenager told the jury he was “shocked” when he discovered Malcolm had died.

When prosecutor Keir Monteith QC asked why that was, the accused replied: “Because I didn’t kill him.”

The teen also denies having a bladed article.

Mr Campbell, from Syndenham, has admitted possession of a knife.

The trial continues.

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