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Jack Shepherd told the BBC he regretted going on the run

Jack Shepherd, who was found guilty of killing a woman in a speedboat crash on the River Thames, has left Georgia to complete his extradition to the UK.

He fled before the trial which convicted him of the manslaughter of Charlotte Brown.

Speaking to the BBC on-board a plane at Tbilisi International Airport, Shepherd said he regretted going on the run and did so through “animalistic fear”.

His flight is expected to land at Gatwick Airport at 21:50 BST.

After months in hiding in the Georgian capital, Tbilisi, he handed himself into police in January and was jailed for three months while his extradition was arranged by the British and Georgian authorities.

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Special Penitentiary Service of Georgia

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Jack Shepherd was held at a prison in Tbilisi, Georgia, after handing himself in

Speaking as he left for the UK, Shepherd said: “I am terribly sorry for my involvement in Charlotte’s death and subsequent actions which have made things worse and I’d like to make amends for that.

“I ran for fear. It wasn’t premeditated, it was just a case of being driven by an animalistic fear and jumping on a plane with not much of a plan.”

When he lands at Gatwick, Shepherd will be remanded in custody to appear at the Old Bailey on Thursday.

He will then begin his six-year sentence, however he has been granted an appeal against his conviction.

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