Male-Female Pay Gap In The City Of London Is Over £24k, Says Report

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The male-female pay gap in the City of London is £24,427, claims a report from finance broker Rangewell.

While the male median gross annual income for those working in the City is £65,626, the female median gross annual income is just £41,199.

With that difference in pay you could buy 4,885 craft beers; 69 monthly zone 1-9 travelcards; or an uber-fancy night in the Langham’s Sterling Suite.

The report takes data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) to calculate the average salaries of those working, rather than living, in 323 local authorities across the UK.

While the City of London has the biggest pay gap by gender, it’s also the highest-paying local authority in the country.

Sutton pay the lowest median salary in London. Image: Shutterstock

The biggest gap in pay across the board between two London local authorities is between the City of London — where the full time annual median salary for workers is £53,836 — and Sutton, where the full time annual median salary for workers is £22,778.

That’s a difference of over £31k. Or to put it another way, 6,200 pints of beer; 88 monthly zone 1-9 travelcards; or a wedding.

Shockingly — and then again, perhaps not shockingly — every single London borough (indeed every single local authority across the country) has a pay gap in favour of male employees. Sigh.

Explore the interactive report here.

Last Updated 18 April 2019

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