In Photos: Extinction Rebellion Climate Protests In London

London got its Garden Bridge today. At least, Waterloo Bridge was unwittingly pedestrianised.

Environmental campaign group Extinction Rebellion has closed down roads in the capital as part of a peaceful protest against climate change.

Waterloo Bridge was closed to traffic as protesters sat down in the road, and the group has parked a pink boat in the middle of Oxford Circus, with the slogan “tell the truth”.  

Marble Arch, Parliament Square and Piccadilly Circus have also been blocked in the protest, which aims to get the government to tell the truth about the extent of climate change, and take action.

Some members of the group glued themselves to doors at the headquarters of Shell on Embankment.

The London protest is just one of 80 across the world in 33 different countries, according to organisers.

Extinction Rebellion has said that it will continue the protests in London all week, escalating the disruption day by day.

Last Updated 15 April 2019

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