Fed Up With People Leaning On Tube Doors? You Need This T Shirt

We’ve been here a million times before. The jarring stop-start of the tube, as some nitwit leans on the doors, and brings the entire Northern line to a halt.

It’s not like you’re going to TALK to said offender. But if every commuter wore one of these t shirts, maybe, MAYBE the leaner would learn:

The ‘Seriously though…’ t shirt is available to buy exclusively from our online shop, for £17.99. Do your bit for London’s stressed-out transport network, and wear it into work (given how sweaty rush hour gets, you may want to buy a few).

Of course, you might be the leaning nitwit in question. In which case, go ahead and flaunt this little number:

Both t shirts — and plenty more London-themed merch — available exclusively on Londonist’s online shop.

Last Updated 18 April 2019

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