Cabaret Review: Little Death Club At Underbelly Festival

Little Death Club, Underbelly Festival


Photo: Alistair Veryard Photography

An unsuspecting critic squirms in his seat as the infamously vicious Myra DuBois towers over him, hungry for blood. “Wearing flip-flops to the theatre?  I should review you!” she snarls.  Welcome to the Little Death Club, where Weimar decadence meets jubilant sexuality, and a troupe of bombastic bohemians stick a defiant, collective finger up at the pearl-clutching ignorance and bigotry of the present day.

Photo: Alistair Veryard Photography

The mistress of ceremonies is cabaret veteran Bernie Dieter; a tall, dark drink of spikes, sequins and feathers, armed with a riotous repertoire of original songs, covering everything from cunnilingus to alcoholism. And if you’ve ever sent Bernie any phallic photography, you’re about to sorely regret it.

Photo: Alistair Veryard Photography

She keeps the show high and tight between star turns from the aforementioned DuBois, hair-hanging pocket-rocket Fancy Chance, fire-breathing powerhouse Kitty Bang Bang, and melancholy mime Josh Glanc. Captivating contortionist Beau Sargent is a show-stealer who, together with Dieter, delivers a masterpiece of storytelling and artistry that tugs at the heart – and the tear ducts.

Photo: Alistair Veryard Photography

At a time when gifted artists like these are being scourged from social media for refusing to censor their flesh or their freedoms, a subversive, celebratory romp like Little Death is a life-affirming hour of ribald revolution. Let the freak flag fly!

Little Death Club, Underbelly Festival, 30 The Queen’s Walk, SE1 8XX. Tickets £21.50-£26.50, until 23 June 2019.

Last Updated 26 April 2019

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